Monday, 17 October 2016

10 Overpowered Champions To Carry Low Elo - League Of Legends


Have you been trying to find a powerful & easy Champion to carry games in Low Elo? Luckily for you, right below me are 10 broken Champions that I have personally played. These Champions have carried me through Bronze, Silver & Gold with little to no effort.

Additionally, you can visit my "3 Effective Tips To Carry Bronze" guide afterwards and maybe you might learn something new. Anyways, let us begin with the top 10 Champions to carry Low Elo!


Akali is a great pick for every kind of League Of Legends player. You can easily display huge amounts of damage with little effort and is highly mobile. A fantastic pick for players who enjoy going ham.

Roles: Mid & Top Lane

Difficulty Rating: 3/10

What makes Akali so good?
  • Easy to play
  • Low skill cap
  • Energy type Champion
  • Extremely high burst damage
  • Built in sustain (spellvamp)
  • High mobility
  • Can't be completely countered because she has an AD (Attack Damage) ability (E - Crescent Slash)
  • No skill-shots


Annie is a good pick for Low Elo players because of her user-friendly kit, which provides CC & tons of damage. She also has the ability to provide AOE CC & AOE damage also. Quite scary, eh?

Role: Mid Lane

Difficulty Rating: 4.5/10

What makes Annie so good?
  • Easy to play
  • Low skill cap
  • No skill shots
  • Can display AOE CC
  • Can display AOE damage
  • Great mana sustaining ability (Q - Disintegrate)
  • Built in thornmail-like ability (E - Molten Sheild)
  • Range advantage over melee Champions
  • Extremely high burst


Vi makes a fantastic pick because of how simple it is to gank with her kit. If you did not know, Vi is best used as a jungler, thus having powerful gap closing abilities would help tremendously when ganking.

Role: Jungle

Difficulty Rating: 6/10

What makes Vi so good?
  • Powerful point & click ganking ultimate (R - Assult & Battery)
  • Good gap closing ability (Q - Vault Breaker)
  • Great AA passive ability (W - Denting Blows) which helps clear jungle camps faster
  • Incredibily powerful early to mid game
  • Quite easy to use
  • Kit is fantastic for sustain in the jungle & ganking
  • Easy to learn after a couple of games


Honestly, I do not know why I do not see a lot of Garens anymore in Low Elo. You might think of Garen being a beginner Champion, meant only for players new to the game. Wrong! 

Garen is definitely one of the most broken and powerful Champions in the game. He has great sustain in the lane, is very tanky and deals a considerable amount of damage.

Role: Top Lane

Difficulty Rating: 1.5/10

What makes Garen so good?
  • Fantastic sustain in lane because of his passive (Passive - Perseverance)
  • Can passively get more armor & magic resist without relying on anything because of an ability (W - Courage)
  • Ridiculously strong execution ultimate which deals true damage to an enemy (R - Demacian Justice)
  • Extremely easy to play
  • Really low skill cap
  • Very tanky without the help of items or runes
  • Does not use mana


Although Anivia is not often seen, she makes a strong pick for any elo. Especially, the Low Elo. 3 of her abilities provide amazing CC and her damage should not be underestimated.

Role: Mid Lane

Difficulty Rating: 6.5/10

What makes Anivia so good?
  • Very useful passive which turns Anivia into an egg upon death, if the egg survives for a few seconds she revives (Passive - Rebirth)
  • Good stun / damage ability (Q - Flash Frost)
  • Has an ability that can create an ice wall to block or escape enemies (W - Crystallize)
  • Instant slow CC ultimate, which also deals damage over time (R - Glacial Storm)
  • Crystallize (W) can be used to easily pick off enemies out of position
  • You might need a little time to get used to her, however Anivia is easier than many other mage Champions
  • Her kit provides so much crowd-control


Katarina is an overpowered pick for the Low Elo because the only way to counter Katarina is to land CC on her. 

However, since you are indeed in Low Elo, the players will have trouble landing their abilities. Thus, giving you many chances to display your damage to the full potential. 

Role: Mid Lane

Difficulty Rating: 4/10

What makes Katarina so good?

  • Useful Flash-like ability (E - Shunpo)
  • Can't be fully countered because 2 of her abilities scale on AD (W - Sinister Steel , R - Death Lotus)
  • Extremely high damage ultimate which has the ability to shred 3 enemies at the same time (R - Death Lotus)
  • Good poking ability during laning phase (Q - Bouncing Blades)
  • No skill-shots
  • Low skill cap
  • No mana
  • Incredible amount of damage


Tryndamere just has tremendous amounts of damage and is extremely scary if fed. Similar to Katarina, he can only be countered with CC. But just like I said, there is a low chance the enemy players will land anything on you.

Roles: Top Lane & Jungle

Difficulty Rating: 3.5/10

What makes Tryndamere so good?
  • Gets free crit-chance without the help of items or runes because of his passive (Passive - Battle Fury)
  • Gains more attack damage as he loses health (Q - Bloodlust)
  • Has an ability which can reduce the enemy's attack damage by a huge amount (W - Mocking Shout)
  • Good disengage & engage ability (E - Spinning Slash)
  • One of the most overpowered ultimate which makes Tryndamere unable to die for a few seconds no matter what (R - Undying Rage)
  • Easy to learn
  • Low skill cap
  • No mana
  • Very powerful if fed


Although I do not have a lot of experience with Irelia, I can atleast say she is just a good pick. Not only does she deal true damage, but she deals a heck ton of damage.

Role: Top Lane

Difficulty Rating: 4/10

What makes Irelia so good?
  • Hiten Style (W) passively gives Irelia's physical attacks, health restoration
  • Activating Hiten Style (W) doubles the health restoration and gives he auto attacks true damage
  • Equilibrium (E) is a great crowd control ability which can slow / stun the target, depending on the situation she is in
  • Bladesurge (Q) is a good engaging ability and it also resets upon killing the target
  • Bladesurge (Q) makes for a great farming tool because it also refreshes mana upon killing the target
  • Easy to play
  • Low skill cap
  • Shreds tanks & squishy Champions easily


Fizz can be really annoying in the laning phase because of his abilities. This can lead to opponents becoming impatient, thus creating opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Roles: Mid Lane & Jungle

Difficulty Rating: 5.5/10

What makes Fizz so good?
  • Urchin Strike (Q) is a good engaging ability
  • Urchin Strike (Q) can be used to go over walls if there is a target on the other side
  • If Urchin Strike (Q) is used correctly, you can dodge abilities with it
  • Playful / Trickster (E) gives Fizz the ability to hop into the air, making him invulnerable for a few seconds and upon landing, he does damage
  • Playful / Trickster (E) can be used to go over walls
  • Playful / Trickster (E) is a great juking ability
  • Chum the Waters (R) is great for zoning enemies
  • Chum the Waters (R) is a powerful ability to pick off enemies out of position
  • Easy to safely escape from ganks because of kit
  • Quite easy to play


Ok everyone, I know what you are thinking. But, you cannot underestimate Ashe! Her passive gives her auto attacks a damn slow and she also has a broken ultimate which stuns the target hit.

Role: ADC

Difficulty Rating: 4.5/10

What makes Ashe so good?
  • Frost Shot (Passive) gives her basic attacks a slow without the help of items or runes
  • Frost Shot (Passive) makes it so much easier to kite enemies
  • Frost Shot (Passive) is great to catch off enemies out of position
  • Volley (W) is a fantastic poking ability during laning phase
  • Hawkshot (E) is a great for scouting areas like Baron / Dragon
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) is a global ultimate
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) stuns the target hit for a long time
  • Easy to learn
  • Low skill cap


In conclusion, these 10 Champions are personally the strongest to carry in Low Elo. Hopefully you have found my information useful and to your liking. 

I will definitely be making more in the future, watch out for that. Thank you for giving me and this post a chance.